What makes the best?

100% is nothing. All natural or all synthetic fabrics are easy, that's why they're everywhere. What truly makes the best is finding the right combination of natural and synthetic fibers that work together. Taking the hand feel, structure, and temperature regulation of natural fibers and amplifying them with the stretch, wicking and durability of synthetics. Making the sum greater than its parts.

That's the magic. And it ain't easy. But once you get it, you'll never go back.  

Delivered to you at an exceptional value

The best doesn't do anyone any good if you can't get it. By selling directly to you (and cutting out the retailer that doubles the price), and by only focusing on the core items you need (and not chasing fads like critter prints), we can deliver you real value.

And, you’re not going to see us deliberately marking up our prices, so we can send you emails shouting massive discounts every morning. We don’t think that game is fooling anyone.  We want to sell you a great product at a fair price, with transparency around why it's awesome. That's our model, and we're sticking to it.